Multilanguage Use
In this tutorial i would like to explain how the multilanguage in E107 functions, how to do something, and capabilities.
Please do read first (maybe boring but essential0.

No time to waist : let's start.
(in this tutorial i will start using a fresh install !!!, at a later point in time i will discuss the downfall on an existing one, that is going to use the setting afterwards.)..

First thing you have to think over !!!


For good multilanguage use this is a vital point, because in a later state you will need to copy 'items' from that main language based system.

So if you want English as primary (main site language) it is easy > install and select English. (it is by default present).

Do you want to use French as main site language ? Find you the Language pack (French) that is of the same version (preferable) as the system.
Upload it by FTP (or alike) on to the file server. (a complete pack normally could hold,but is not limited to docs/help; the actual language files; plugin language files; theme language files.
Please note that these files belong to the CORE supplied files. Any third party files would normally NOT be a part of these.

This same procedure to be followed by/with ANY other language you want to use (display purposes), be it Dutch, Italian, German or a multitude of them !
Each language has its own files, and have to be treated identical. Up to 10 languages ? Yes.. possible...

In this tutorial i use ENGLISH as main site language, BUT in your situation (use of French f.e. > READ French)
I use 3 languages in total > English ; Dutch and German.
More are possible but method will be the same..

English is present by default, so i download and upload the Dutch anf German language packs to the server.
I did this just before i installed the system itself.

a) as long as a site always used 1 language the following steps can be used too, just make sure you upload those languages you would like to use to your file
b) as long as you do NOT change anything in the multilanguage parts, adding langauge packs may also be at a later point in time.


(regardlessly which language it is)

Let's start with the install ( v2.1.6 is the one used; some LAN"S in German will be displayed, as pack is not fully up to date) at point in time of tutorial.

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