Article 3

Possible situation:

The system is running and you have created some pages, news etc.

At time of installment you used English (default). And worked with that up to now.

You (for testing can use every thing from the list, but we focus for tutorial on the last 3 pages:
Called First, Second and Third.


These pages do all have content of course, and it is this content that actual will be the goal to use,when multilanguage is running.
The same procedure is for News etc.. and everything that has some kind of content (in language texts).

Ok… now it is time to CHANGE the system to be able to use MULTILANGUAGE.
You did upload the other languages? …and they were visible in the dropdown? IF you can say yes..

Up to the next step.

We are IN admin/Language..


Your screen (if untouched till now, would be like the one above.

On left you have the Preferences link and Language packs. On right the Preferences Settings.

We NOW ONLY focus on the third field > Multi-Language Database Tables..(now OFF)
Do enable this setting :


No more, no less > click SAVE on bottom of page.

This setting does enable the table copy usage, but you have to refresh/(click link) the page to see the
link that should now appear in the LEFT menu. (suggestion : click the Language-Packs link )

INFO : In this example i clicked the L-P link and get the refresh of the page + get the NEW link > Tables and ALSO in one peek  > i do see the languages that are installed in the system AND
status of Language packs.
The GREEN status marker informs you that there are no real erros in the packs, but NOT if it is complete.
The version ( =xml file related info) informs you of the build version (in this example 
German displays 1.0.4 > meaning older version; xml file is still old; likely pack will be not complete
(but has no errors).

You will NOT see English in this list as it is (at present) the default installed language. If you DO see English in the list, than you used another install languagepack, and the system changes accordingly..


CLICK on left on TABLES and the next screen will be displayed..
Asd you can see English is default (has all tables); Dutch and German are NOT installed AS TABLES in
the database!!. ( please keep in mind if you used another language for install, the display is similar,
but re-arranged by language..).
For this tutorial i start with BOTH languages at the same time, since i want to have a 3 language
website. If you just want to use 1.. the steps are the same (or more than 3).

To have IDENTICAL languages ‘BUILD’ (this tutorial provides the same throughout pages/news database tables (note! ! not content at this point). So EACH creation is the same for EVERY
(if you used English, than copies making through English, iff install was French > than use
French.. copies are 1 time created from install language.)
Question <> : i installed with english, but uploaded French, and made it my main site
language. Can i still do it (copy tables)? > yes you can BUT you may eventually run into
misbehaviour; when,where, how (due to fact that fallback is English) is uncertain, so no
real guarantee.
ADVANCED NOTICE! Example : English is main site, you use French and copy tables for it.
You will learn that doing so creates French database tables.
Now when you would go into admin/French and would create/edit a new table copy
through there… It will NOT be possible(table copies) for all the languages (the install
language f.e. does not need extra tables). The ONLY method that does allow THAT specific
is when physical language domains are running on (same) database
Back to tutorial:
Note: when you are familiar with this method, you may do it different eg.. to what you need, and
want and add or delete etc..; but be very carefull when deleting.. as always > changes??? > backup
In this window ENABLE (2 selects per item..make sure) the copies you want to have made.
To keep the amount of info for tutorial somewhat smaller use the following ones (i will come back on
those later, as this is only creation)

Select :
News category
Page chapters
(please minimal the bold ones; cat and chapters are for now less important, but maybe you
want to change something afterwards.)
SAVE (= create tables button)…… > DONE (for now)
All other tables can be created afterwards or by need…
In this tutorial i did this by clicking Create of the Dutch setting.
If you use another language also (thus 3 languages might be present)do exactly the same! So
the same steps for German (or yours) too
See image below (it does not show the ones to select but for the idea how it
looks like when saved
See something that is NOT as intended?. Click on Edit and change it .Best to do
it now!. Iff so : UNmark the select ; mark at bottom confirm delete.
That is all !! You can change add, delete what you need,want etc…
Although tutorial uses the 3 languages and same tables, you do not have too, if
you do not need a certain copy (f.e. News only in English but NOT in Dutch, but
YES in German ??? > English is default, Dutch > no News copy ; German select
copy News.. it is that easy..
The next chapter is to actually work with these copies to get a working
(displaying) multilangual site.!! (at last)…


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