Article 2

Now just a little step back (read):


For good multilanguage use this is a vital point, because in a later state you will need to copy 'items' from that main language based system.

So if you want English as primary (main site language) it is easy > install and select English. (it is bydefault present).

Do you want to use French as main site language ? Find you the Language pack (French) that is of the same version (preferable) as the system.

Upload it by FTP (or alike) on to the file server. (a complete pack normally could hold,but is not limited to docs/help; the actual language files; plugin language files; theme language files.

Please note that these files belong to the CORE supplied files.
Any third party files would normally NOT be a part of these.

This same procedure to be followed by/with ANY other language you want to use (display purposes), be it Dutch, Italian, German or a multitude of them !

Each language has its own files, and have to be treated in an identical way.
Up to 10 languages ? Yes.. possible..( from v0.7/ 1> 23 was mentioned).

Well on with the tutorial….

I am just jumping in at the install method (assuming you know how to upload the files, and working with sql.)


This is Step 1 from installment. English is selected by default..
Iff you did upload some language packs to the server AND you do NOT want English as main, but your own ? ….. Use the dropdown and SELECT YOUR language >>


Select and Click Continue…… install e107 further and iff the language pack is up to date, all next windows should be displayed in YOUR language (of choice).Finish the install.

.!!! The above mentioned is for MAIN SITE LANGUAGE use.

When done, log in to your admin and take a look how it is setup.

If you used English the next image displays how it shows..


In case you DID upload other language packs too, now take a look if they are ‘seen’ by the system,
and can be used.

Click on top bar gear icon and select Language….
IMPORTANT : please do take note at right top marked item> this is the languge switch (selector) which will take a prominent role when using
language usage!


Click to see on Default Site Language

When you did click on Default Site Language: think : are ALL languages that you uploaded present here??

Iff NOT !! >> the language pack is either on the wrong location, you do not have a correct name or the files are corrupted.

Check your server :


(each language on server has a foldernamestarting with a Capital-of the ( norm) Language locale names

(inside these resides the actual language files that are being used….. seen LAN_xxxx ? likely they are
to be found somewhere in a file here in these locations)

For more practical use i would advice to keep the second field (Admin-Area interface lang.) to leave it at Default setting.
(it is somewhat similar to top right switch selector)…

This field here however can be set to display Admin in native language, and Site (outside) to Main site language (eg admin=English, main is German etc..)
At this point in time (in tutorial) we do NOT use any of the other settings ( as they do distract
for now).

The third field will be discussed onwards (important one), and setting domains while only be of influence when you do OWN Parked subdomains
(eg.. these are paid subdomains..not to be confused with the ones you can create freely on your server; eg.. they get an ip/address).

The next chapter is divided. First piece focuses on Pages and News (similar actions).

And onwards the menu tables ! these have some interesting possibilities..
On to the next part……………..


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