Tut 2

Ok, now you got the basic idea how to think about changing the site links to/for your desired

!!!! The next step is critical for understanding the concept of it, and is describing the method that
you use througout the rest of the system. If you can understand this, you can apply
the same procedure to al those things that carry texts throughout... f.e the
pages of course, News, articles etc...!!!!

In a previous page i already mrntioned i did have some pages already (in English) present which i now
am going to use in the multilanguage setup as this would be the idea.

Since E107 is NOT a translator engine, you have to do it yourself of course..

First Page in English, Second Page and Third page..
(you do remember i did COPY the PAGES table to the language ??) That IS IMPORTANT !!, else a no
Ok, now you have to SWITCH your admin to the language instal ed AND will be used.
Do this either on topbar (top right)
OR the long way..admin/language/default sight language OR admin area language interface.
Personal y i always use the topnav link as it is more convenient, and faster..

Suppose you would use Default Site language... has to be set back to the language the site has to
display when visitor enters !!!!!!
(It is possible you need te refresh the page in case the switch does notrefreshes itself after saving)

I now switch to DUTCH

Results in (display)

Now this is set we are going into CONTENT...PAGES
( attention : the switch on topnav bar for Language DOES work directly on the admin window you
are in, you may switch the language there TOO... just pay attention that you really in the language
setting you want to use/edit) The above mentioned is the teach you the method...)

This is a shot BEFORE i change anything...notice because of the TABLE COPY for PAGES i ALSO have
the SAME PAGES in DUTCH !!! (title content) > named First Second and Third

Now CLICK on the TITLE/NAME ; the popup displays; Change THAT text into your language..
Eg represents the(same) in your language.... (my case : Eerste pagina Nederlands)

Do NOT forget to SAVE it (red marker)..
Fol ow this same step for al the others that need so....
(logical step use//> First the titles/names to get familiar feeling..next step is the CONTENT..
that one is MUCH more interesting as this is the (i.m.o.) best thing using multilanguage..) ( the secret

Starting the FUN part...

Al titles are changed and now going to use the EDIT button..

NOTE : this opens the created COPY of the page in DUTCH
(content is stil in the form as the original; which was in English but can NOW be used to ful y edit
INDEPENDANT from the original !!!!)
Original (english setting !!!

This is the First Page in English in the English admin setting... notice the markers....

It IS the same page (as it is a copy of... Carries the Title Eerste pagina in Nederlands..

Nice... next step...

At this point you stil should be in YOUR language (tut =Dutch).

Do the same and save it.. *ok your change.
This is just a simple demonstration, as this tut is only a partial thing for now.. in short (wil be more
detail in ful tut)
You MAY do with this page whatever you like, change text, change
pictures; rearrange etc. etc..
SAVE IT... done for the multipart (this is the procedure) apply this same to every page;news etc...
(stil very important else you do not see what is going on)
As this is a page and each page has an ID, it is stil a page SOMEWHERE.. it is not a site page (aka url
Go into Sitelinks . and IN EACH LANGUAGE.... ADD THE PAGE AS MAIN LINK or SUB etc...
SAVE ALL you are working with.. (asume the language menu is present on front) LOG OUT and go to
News php for example. Maybe for your test start in English? CLICK on every link you created...
page 1 in English and page 2 and 3 etc.....


Now click on the same links (as i adviced to make those in EACH LANGUAGE) and look at the
If you DID change the page in YOUR language completly (rearranged etc...) it SHOULD look
completely different to the original...

You have got it..
For now last remarks
Do the same with EVERY language you want to use !! this tut did only made use of Dutch
and English.. When using 3 languages.. you can imagine that the same page COULD have the
same inner content, but in each language look completly different... (3 `looks')..

Original (english) Page 2 :

Dutch version of Page 2 :

German version of Page 2 :

Do you see ALL the differences ???? watch out for them...
Position; menu's, Site links (description/languages etc. )
That is al for now SUCCESS (more is coming...)

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