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Gathering the things you need.

In this tutorial you already have a hosting site, or run a server local, and can access by FTP.

Description used on base level knowledge (i hope); if you are familiar with certain aspect, you can go faster, or use different approach

Of course you may use filemanagers on server (cPanel or alike).

Starting fresh or add things later, the basics remain the same.

(please decide on front (when fresh) if you will use 1 language or more!. If you want to use a different install language (default =English) (eg your own native) than follow below steps.
Existing sites do only need to upload the language packs).

Get e107 :



Get the language pack you want to use (English is present by default)

 49 Pm 001

screenshot of site, link below

 NOTE: as of june 2017 the system ITSELF can download and install languagepack

Download the language pack:

 49 Pm

Find your desired language pack in the listing, and click on its name, the following will /should display

49 Pm 002

Click on Clone or download, the next will pop up

 49 Pm 003

Now click download zip, and save it on your pc into a folder of your choice. Note location!

Once downloaded, we now are going to extract it (some servers do allow it by customer panel in case you are familiar with that method ) else follow step ftp upload for location to use).

Home/PC: > please go to download location and start extracting) .. note location.

54 PM


Once extracted, that folder should hold and look like this : ( !! some packs can look somewhat different; but EVERY PACK should at least contain > languages + plugins

 55 PM                    

Now the content of this folder (+ subfolders) have to be MOVED (or copied) to the FILE Server

(or localhost, files folders).

Example by FTP :

   01 PM

Select (left piece) the UNpacked folder content… the readme is not used; and copy or move them to your domains file server..

 04 PM

ftp client in action (or pc popup)> asking to overwrite certain files/folders.. as these contain MAIN folder names ( MAKE SURE THESE ARE IDENTICAL !!!!!) and underlaying language folders/files. This is OK, and please do it.

!! Note : in case existing system: main system folders renamed ??.!!

As these packs are on/by system build ones, the main folder names ( eg e107_languages; e107_plugins etc..) are overwritten (identical names) . Should you carry renamed folder names?; open up EACH folder container and ONLY copy/move over the files inside of them !!.>> Do not use the main folder names in such cases, only the content files


When done moving/copying, you can now leave the files server part, and either

INSTALL or add changes to the website itself.



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